5 Things Your Dentist Would Never Put in Their Mouth

December 14, 2022

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Did you know that your smile is the second most important attraction feature after your personality? As such, it only makes sense that you’d want to make sure your pearly whites remain beautiful and healthy for as long as possible. Luckily, keeping your grin intact could be as easy as avoiding putting certain objects in your mouth. Read on to learn which objects your dentist would never put in their mouth – and you shouldn’t either.


If you’re feeling nervous or anxious, you may be tempted to bite your nails. It’s a common habit many people have! While it may seem harmless, it can actually cause an incredible amount of tooth wear and increase your risk of many oral health issues. Maintaining the habit for years can cause your teeth to wear faster, creating cracks in the enamel until your teeth become hypersensitive.


Everyone knows that smoking and chewing tobacco can be detrimental to your smile. Products like cigarettes and dip contain a known carcinogen that drastically increases your risk of oral cancer. Not only can tobacco contribute to a myriad of diseases, but it can stain your teeth and cause halitosis (bad breath).


Who doesn’t like to chew on leftover ice after finishing a cool drink? Although it’s certainly a refreshing snack, biting down on hard ice cubes can accidentally damage your teeth. Every year, dentists see multiple cases where ice has led to a cracked or fractured tooth. As a result, patients may need dental crowns to restore proper function and stability. If you ever feel tempted to chew on ice, consider sipping chilled beverages or using a straw to satisfy that craving.

Metal Bottle Caps

If you don’t have a bottle opener, you may consider using your teeth to pull off a metal bottle cap. However, this is strongly discouraged! You might accidentally break a tooth down the middle, causing you to lose the tooth entirely. It’s always best to wait until you have the right tool or simply ask someone to lend you a helping hand.

Hard Candy

Whether it’s a lollipop or a cough drop, hard candy is meant to linger in your mouth for a long time and dissolve on its own. Unfortunately, many people are impatient and would rather chew the hard candy to consume it more quickly. If you do that, you may accidentally leave yourself with cracked teeth and cuts on the inside of your mouth. When eating hard candy, make sure you let it fully dissolve to prevent any oral health issues.

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