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Are you a good candidate for dental implants? We’ll help you find out.

Dental Implants – Vienna, VA

Superior Prosthetics to Replace Missing Teeth

Man smiling after tooth replacement with dental implants

At Mayberry Dental, our dentistry team is devoted to helping dental patients who have failing dentitions or who are without teeth. Committed to offering start-to-finish dental implant placement and restoration in-house, individuals never need to worry about referrals or outside specialists. Instead, Dr. Chauhan and Dr. Mayberry work together to produce superior results that give dental patients a new lease on life. Instead of allowing tooth loss to cause further damage, we can cease the deterioration of the bone and rebuild smiles to create more youthful appearances. Contact us today to learn if you’re a candidate for dental implants from our Vienna, VA dentist.

Why Choose Mayberry Dental for Dental Implants?

  • In-House Dental Implant Placement & Restoration
  • Dentist Who is a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology
  • CBCT Scanner Used For Accurate Treatment Planning

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implant model

Dental implants are made out of titanium or zirconia and look similar to tooth roots. Mimicking these natural structures, they’re surgically implanted within a patient’s jawbone, fusing over time through a process known as osseointegration, and forming a stabilized foundation offering maximum support for customized restorations.

These superior prosthetics are viewed as the gold standard of tooth replacement and are the only solution known to replace the full root-to-crown structure.

Mini Dental Implants

Dentist using smile model to explain mini dental implants

Similar to their traditional counterparts, mini dental implants are smaller and can easily fit into tinier areas of the mouth. The average size of these prosthetics is around 3 mm, and the placement process typically only takes one visit. As a minimally invasive procedure, patients often do not require bone grafting beforehand, and recovery times are much quicker.

The 4-Step Dental Implant Process

Dentist explaining the four step dental implant process to dentistry patient

The 4-step process for dental implant placement is the same for everyone looking to replace their missing teeth; however, no two patient cases are the same, as some may require preliminary care before undergoing oral surgery.

  1. Consultation – Patients meet with our team to discuss candidacy and learn if preliminary treatments such as bone grafting, periodontal therapy, or tooth extraction are necessary.
  2. Surgery – Our team performs the dental implant surgery in-house using local anesthesia and sedation dentistry if needed.
  3. Osseointegration – Dental implants will fuse with the bone tissues over 3-6 months.
  4. Restoration – Our team will secure a customized dental crown, bridge, or denture to the tops of the implants.

All-on-4/Teeth in a Day Cases

Closeup of smile after all on four dental implant denture placement

A lack of bone density is just one of the reasons a patient may not be recommended for traditional dental implants; however, permanent prosthetics can still be a reality with All-on-4/Teeth in a Day. Using only four dental implant posts, we can pinpoint the densest areas of the jawbone with our CBCT scanner and place each implant in a way that offers maximum stability and support. A customized denture is then placed on top to project a fully rebuilt and functional smile.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Man and woman enjoying the benefits of dental implants
  • Improved jawbone density that prevents facial sagging and encourages a more youthful appearance
  • Better oral health because of the ease of cleaning dental implants, as they require no additional products or specialized cleaning supplies
  • Prosthetics that are known to last 30+ years or longer with regular maintenance and proper care
  • Lower risk of systemic issues caused by tooth loss, such as osteoporosis, diabetes, and heart disease
  • Cost-effective tooth replacement that saves patients money in the long run
  • Ability to eat nutrient-rich foods that are healthier for a person’s oral and overall health
  • Boosted confidence when it comes to eating, speaking, and smiling

Who Can Dental Implants Help?

Family of three smiling after dental implant tooth replacement

Most adults facing the reality of tooth loss are considered candidates for dental implants; however, it is necessary that our team at Mayberry Dental first perform a complete consultation. Those who must undergo preliminary treatments (i.e., bone grafting, sinus lift, periodontal therapy, tooth extraction, ridge augmentation, etc.) before dental implant surgery can look forward to a future where their dental implants replace one, multiple, or an entire arch of missing teeth.

Missing One Tooth 

Animated smile during dental implant supported dental crown placement

A single missing tooth can be easily replaced using one dental implant post, a metal abutment, and a customized dental crown that is created in-house in our lab. This makes it easier to stay in one location and receive treatment from the same knowledgeable and reliable team.

Missing Multiple Teeth

Animated smile during dental implant supported fixed bridge placement

When multiple teeth are missing, we can place two dental implants into the outer sockets before attaching a custom-made bridge to fill in the gap. This prevents us from using healthy abutment teeth and allows patients to keep more of their natural tooth structure.

Missing All Teeth

Animated smile during dental implant supported denture placement

When an entire arch of missing teeth requires treatment, we can use between 4 and 6 dental implants to build the foundation for a fully customized implant denture. Whether fixed or removable, this device makes it easy for patients to eat their favorite foods and enjoy a healthier, more reliable smile for longer.

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants 

Dental team member and patient discussing the cost of dental implants

An initial consultation with our team at Mayberry Dental is essential to determine the cost of dental implants. Every patient’s experience is different, and various factors are considered when formulating the exact cost of treatment. The good news is that our team is here to navigate the process with you, discussing how best to use your dental insurance benefits as well as available financing options to lower any out-of-pocket expenses.

Free dental implant consultation special coupon
Free Dental Implant Consultation

Are you a good candidate for dental implants? We’ll help you find out.