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Why Mayberry Dental is your best Choice?

The following information is provided to help you understand why Mayberry Dental is the only place you should consider investing in dental implant treatment. Dental implant care can be a substantial investment, but also a wise and prudent investment when done properly. The return on investment in your health and well-being will be greater than any other investment. The consumers understanding of the process, who is going to provide that process. Unknown to most patients is the fact that the most complex and detail critical of all dental treatments, dental implant treatment, has no standard of care, or any specialist group of dentists responsible for establishing a “standard of care”. How can the public determine a doctor’s skills and make a judgement without a “standard of care”? Every other dental “specialty” has a standard of care which is established by the “Specialists” who make up that group of doctors providing that type of treatment. Oral Surgery, Orthodontics, Endodontics, Periodontics, Prosthodontics, are some of the dental specialties recognized inside of dentistry.

The recognized dental specialties have a “Board of Examiners” who test doctors applying for a certificate which demonstrates to the public that they are “Board Qualified” as specialists within their particular area of dental expertise. Oral surgeons qualified in oral surgery, Periodontists qualified in gum treatment and surgery, Prosthodontists qualified in building prosthetic teeth, etc. Each of these specialties has a role to play in dental implant treatment, but each is only trained to provide a part of implant treatment. In their post graduate training the dental implant portion is only a small part of their overall specialty training and is not comprehensive.

The American Academy of Implant Dentistry ( is the oldest dental implant organization in the world, established in 1951.Today the Academy and its independent testing Board, the American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry ( is composed of Specialists and General Dentists who have demonstrated their dental implant qualifications and have become “Board Certified.” This certification is similar to the other dental specialty testing boards in the recognized dental specialties. The authenticity and qualifications of the ABOI Board have been challenged by several state dental boards over the last 5 years.

State Dental Boards are government organizations responsible for licensing and controlling dentists in each state of the Union. In California, Texas, and Florida the state dental boards filed suit against dentists certified by the ABOI, claiming these dentists were frauds by advertising they were Board Certified Implant Dentists. The state boards argued that because there is no implant dentistry specialty recognized by the American Dental Association these doctors were advertising themselves fraudulently as specialists of an unrecognized specialty. In each of these cases the Federal Courts ruled that the ABOI was in fact a “bona fide” testing organization. The courts ruled that the American Dental Association and the state dental boards could not sanction these dentists who had been tested and found qualified, by the ABOI, which they determined was a “bona fide” testing organization similar to the recognized specialty boards. As a result of these cases the state dental boards of these states were required to pay the AAID damages of $15,000,000.

Dr. Mayberry is one of a handful of certified ABOI credentialed implant dentists in the Washington metropolitan area. He has been using dental implants to help thousands of his patients since 1983. The doctor has been an examiner for the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, testing hundreds of dentists applying for AAID credentials for the last 8 years.

Today any dentist can advertise as a dental implant provider, some even claim to be implant specialists because they are specialists in a related dental specialty, but only have rudimentary knowledge and understanding of the complete process. As a result of this, dental implant treatment has become the main cause of dental malpractice today. Dr. Mayberry has provided expert witness testimony is several of these cases.

Why Choose Mayberry Dental for Your Dental Implant Care?

At Mayberry Dental we provide all aspects of the “All on 4” technique, in our state of the art office in Vienna, VA. Everything that is required is provided at this one location by the doctor and team to give patients “Teeth in One Day.”

We can provide all types of dental implant procedures from the simple to extremely complex and treat many patients who have been told by other dentists that they could not have dental implants

We provide IV sedation allowing comfortable surgery and are licensed by the State of Virginia and have sedated thousands of patients without complications since 1977. Our surgical assistants are Certified Anesthesia Assistants and have taken training by the Virginia Dental Society of Anesthesiology.

Mayberry Dental offers a no obligation consultation and CT scan x-ray, and treatment plan. Treatment plans are the most important part of any dental implant procedure and require experience and understanding to be able to offer patients the best options. We have low cost financing options for patients that are desiring monthly payment plans and reduced fees for prepayment.

We have helped many patients who have received dental implant treatment that was less than ideal. Unfortunately, the cost associated with corrections is much greater than had the treatment been planned and carried out properly from the beginning.

We offer comprehensive implant treatment options at fees that our patients tell us are less than they have been quoted by multiple other “specialists” working together, but only performing a part of the entire treatment. Still we see many “low cost” providers online offering bargain basement pricing. Many doctors seeking experience offer low cost to gain that experience.

Mayberry Dental is a privately owned and has no responsibility to satisfy corporate owners and stockholders. We are not controlled or partner with any dental insurance companies. Our experience tells us that insurance companies are not interested in helping patients only in making money. We do not believe in cutting corners or only offering the treatments that insurance companies approve. Nevertheless, our team is knowledgeable about how insurance companies operate, and do their best to help patients obtain the greatest benefit from their dental insurance plan. This requires persistence and sometimes threats to report some companies to the state insurance commissioner to get results.

Our only goal is our patient’s satisfaction. We are not drive by any hidden agendas, or sales techniques to increase the bottom line, because we have seen where that process leads and we don’t want to go there. We do what we do because we love what we do. We love helping change the lives of our patients by increasing the quality of their lives through the dentistry we help them receive. By providing our patients a comfortable and pleasing experience in the most efficient manner possible we are able to generate rewarding and positive long term relationships with our family of happy patients.

It does not get any better than that!