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When Should Dental Implants Be Considered?

This is an example of a complete upper dental implant patient: This patient hates going to the dentist and only sees a dentist for emergency treatment. He is very anxious and will only accept treatment under sedation. This patient has a history of ongoing dental problems, such as untreated tooth decay, gum disease, and missing
teeth. He presented with multiple missing front teeth that negatively affected his smile and his public presentation; had several infected abscessed teeth that required root canal and crown treatments to be saved; and had gum infections that would require many appointments to treat. He would require sedation and Novocain to get through these appointments.

These conventional dental treatment options could salvage the teeth, but they would require many treatment
appointments, with sedation and local anesthetic injections. For conventional treatment to be successful long term for people like this they must commit to regular maintenance care; cleanings, scaling and root planing, fluoride treatments in the dentist’s office every 3-4 months for the rest of his life. Patients like this are
termed Periodontal Patients, because they require regular periodontal maintenance care the rest or their lives, otherwise they face increased risk of tooth loss. An alternative treatment plan was to remove natural teeth and replace them with dental implants. This option would require a surgery appointment with sedation and Novocaine similar to the conventional option, but only one treatment appointment would be required. Upon reviewing both of these treatment plan options the cost for each option was almost the same. After reviewing the plans the plan using dental implants was chosen. The reason for choosing this option was based on the fact that conventional treatment would require more appointments where sedation and Novocaine would have to be used.

The implant treatment option was seen as less painful and difficult because all the painful surgery would be
done in one appointment under comfortable sedation and the follow up appointments would not require any local anesthetic injections or painful treatment. Lastly, the cost for both options was going to be close to identical. From the perspective of the anxious patient the implant option was the best choice. It is not unusual for patients faced with this kind of prognosis to attempt to change and become compliant dental patients. Unfortunately many of these people discover the difficulty of staying compliant with long term maintenance plans and drop out of the program. For many people like this, dental implants are the best long term treatment option for several reasons. Dental implants don’t decay and gum disease seen around natural teeth is not the same around dental implants. Dental implants can also stimulate jaw bone to grow up and strengthen around the implant, something never seen around natural teeth, and because dental implants are made of titanium they are stronger than natural teeth. The cosmetic results using implants can be excellent when everything is done properly resulting in a beautiful smile.

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Who can you trust to help you with dental implant treatment ?

The American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry is the only dental implant competence testing and certifying organization that has been recognized by the Federal Courts as being “bona fide.”  The ABOI rigorously tests the competence of the doctors that present for certification, in terms of their knowledge and ability to practice implant dentistry. A doctor achieving Diplomat status with the ABOI is going to be best able to provide you with state of the art dental implant treatment.

Dr. Mayberry is a diplomat of the ABOI, and has surgically placed and restored dental implants since 1983, treating thousands of dental implant patients over the last 28 years, from single one tooth to full mouth dental implant restorations. He is licensed to provide IV sedation for his patients, the most effective, predictable, and comfortable sedation technique for outpatient surgery and other dental treatments. He has in office CEREC CAD-CAM, technology for one visit permanent crowns and computerized tomography scanning technology that allows state of the art dental implant treatment planning options.

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“Are you a candidate for dental implant treatment?” Part II

Second, dental implants are stronger than natural teeth and once in function strengthen jawbone rather than weaken it like conventional bridgework, full and partial dentures.

Third, Dental implants, which are nothing more than artificial tooth root replacements can be used to replace a single or multiple teeth or act as a supporting foundation to stabilize dentures or other patient removable teeth.

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“Are you a candidate for dental implant treatment?” Part I

Dental implants the most long lasting permanent dental restoration being provided today. Replacing teeth with dental implants has distinct advantages over all other tooth replacement procedures.

First, dental implants don’t decay, which makes them the longest lasting dental restoration possible. One of the most discouraging facts patients discover after undergoing extensive dental treatment is associated with new tooth decay in difficult to clean areas, which can result in having to redo or lose those previously restored teeth. Teeth that have had root canal treatment are the ones that fail more often than any other teeth, especially back teeth. Many patients are much better off to remove such teeth and replace them with dental implants than to waste money on root canal treatment and the associated crowns that are prone to failure, since many infected teeth become saturated with bacteria that can never be completely cleaned, even with the best root canal treatment.

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Dr. Rodney Mayberry – Advances In Implant Dentistry

Dr. Rodney Mayberry, a leading Implant Dentist in Oakton, Virginia, discusses the latest advances in implant dentistry and how they can restore your teeth and give you the healthy smile you desire. Dr. Mayberry appeared as a Dental Expert on the TOP Doctors Interviews which are seen on CNN Headline News, FOX News, CNBC and other networks. Dr. Mayberry is recognized as a TOP Implant Dentist in the Oakton, Virginia and surrounding area. He also offers cosmetic dentistry, veneers, teeth whitening, anxiety free dentistry, dentures and more.

Call Dr. Rodney Mayberry today to set your consultation at: 703-281-2111 or visit his office at:

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