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All-on-4 Dental Implants

If you are needing to replace missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures, the All-on-4® dental implant treatment is a great option. Dr. Mayberry has helped patients regain their smile and lifestyle with a permanent set of teeth.

With a 95% success rate, many patients and dentist now prefer this procedure to removable dentures or bridges.

Hear how one patient got a confident new smile from Dr. Mayberry with this procedure:

What Is All-on-4®?

Using the latest technology and dental practice techniques, All-on-4® gives you a permanent set of new teeth that perform like the natural teeth from your youth. No matter the condition of your teeth, All-on-4® can restore your smile. The best part? The process is at one location and can be completed in mere hours.

Here’s what makes up the All-on-4® system:

Implants: Four titanium dental implants serve as the base/support for the system and lock down the permanent teeth for a secure, lasting fit. Think of them as screws that permanently attach to your jaw and replaces the function of your natural tooth roots. All-on-4 gets its name from the fact all your new teeth rest on these four implants.
Abutments: These connect the implants to the permanent teeth (known as a prosthesis) and can be removed if necessary. They also offer additional support.
Prosthesis: Sometimes called a crown, prosthetic teeth or permanent bridge, the prosthesis is what acts as your new set of permanent teeth. Usually made from zirconium or porcelain, it’s extremely durable and beautifully replicates the look and function of your natural teeth.

All these components work together to make All-on-4® an effective, beautiful tooth replacement solution that has plenty of advantages over traditional dentures.

Benefits of All-on-4®

All-on-4® has a variety of benefits that immediately improve your quality of life, last forever and make you look up to 20 years younger.

Once you look through these benefits, you’ll see why they’re clearly the best option for replacing all your missing teeth.

Acts and looks like your natural teeth – Each All-on-4® dental implant system is completely customized to enhance your unique facial structure and give you the most beautiful, natural smile of your life.
Eat what you want – Designed with comfort and stability in mind, All-on-4® doesn’t limit your diet like traditional dentures. From sticky candy and hard peanuts to hot soup, you can keep enjoying all your favorite foods.
Just one visit – It usually takes less than a day to place the implants and can often only take a few hours. You won’t have to go to an off-site location, either, and can immediately start using your teeth again after the first day.
Prevents bone loss – The dental implants in the All-on-4® system replace your natural tooth roots, which means they keep stimulating your jaw bone. Traditional dentures don’t do this, which leads to bone loss over time and the development of wrinkles.
Lasts a lifetime – If you maintain regular dental visits and proper dental hygiene, there’s no need to replace All-on-4. That’s why they’re known as forever teeth. Dentures, on the other hand, require replacement and extra trips every few years.
Saves you time and money – You don’t want to spend more time in the dental chair than necessary, so one of the biggest benefits is that it limits most of your time and financial investment to one moment. Time is money and All-on-4 saves you both in the long run.

In the end, the benefits of All-on-4® dental implants combine to let you regain your youthful smile with the natural look and feel of your natural teeth.

See How This Treatment Can Change Your Life:

How All-on-4-Works

With all the benefits All-on-4® offers, you might think the process would be complicated, but it’s actually fairly simple. It involves surgically placing the implants in just one visit, accompanied by a couple other short visits for examination and/or follow-up.

Next Steps for Your All-on-4 Treatment:

1. Complimentary consultation – This is when you can find out everything else you need to know about All-on-4. Dr. Mayberry will address all of your personal concerns, such as the final cost so you’re not surprised with any fees. If you’ve decided to get All-on-4, Dr. Mayberry will create an initial treatment plan for the rest of the process.
2. Exam – During the exam, your dentist will run diagnostics, take images of your mouth and finalize your customized treatment plan. Once everything is ready to go, you’ll be able to schedule your actual procedure.
3. Procedure – This is when the dentist places your implants after giving you anesthesia. The surgical procedure takes a few hours and you’ll be given a temporary set of teeth while your permanent All-on-4 teeth are created (you’ll get those in step 5). Once you’re done, you can immediately start experiencing the look, feel and function of your new teeth.
4. Checkups – You’ll need some time to heal and recover from the procedure and it’ll take anywhere from several weeks to a couple months. Your dentist might suggest softer foods during this step, but either way, the dentist will want you to come in for checkup visits to ensure you’re healing properly.
5. Receiving your permanent teeth – This is when you receiving your new permanent All-on-4 teeth. It simply involves removing your temporary teeth and replacing them with your permanent teeth. Enjoy your new, more youthful smile!

The Cost of All-on-4®

It’s one of the first questions people have when it comes to All-on-4®: what does it cost? While it varies from person to person depending on things like oral health and the complexity of the procedure, All-on-4® is a significant investment. It’s a one-time investment, though, meaning you’ll never need to pay for new teeth again.

Other solutions, like removable dentures, require replacement every few years. That can add up over time. All-on-4® makes the most of your time and money by utilizing innovative and cutting-edge technology. There are also payment plans available and possible insurance compensation, so you can afford and enjoy the All-on-4® treatment.

Scheduling Your Consultation

Now that you know all about All-on-4, what’s are you waiting for? Scheduling your consultation is your first step toward enjoying a beautiful new smile that lasts forever. Enjoy eating, talking, smiling and more with All-on-4® permanent dental implants. Schedule your complimentary All-on-4® consultation online or call 703-454-5958 today!

Buyer’s Guide
Shopping around for an All-on-4 provider? We’ve created a buyer’s guide to what you need to ask an implant dentist before your life-changing treatment. Compare against the training and technology Dr. Mayberry offers.