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Patient Testimonials

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Patient Testimonials

What Our Patients Are Saying

Sam Huff – All American college football player at West Virgina University, 5 time NFL All Pro Linebacker, played as a New York Giant and Washington Redskin, and Football Hall of Fame member since 1982.

Nobody likes pain. I have been accused of delivering pain to football players and, some say, to people in business. Well, what goes around comes around so I’ll tell the story on myself that concerns the toughest pain I’ve ever experienced.

A few years ago, I was seeing Dr. Brendan Stack DDS, a legendary Northern Virginia TMJ/Facial Pain specialist for a chronic facial pain condition I have lived with for almost 40 years, which was brought on by my long career in professional football.· Dr. Stack did all he could for me and when he finished he recommended that I see Dr. Rod Mayberry to continue my treatment by replacing some upper back teeth with implants believing this could help relieve my pain.

I wasn’t completely sure if knew what dental implants were or what they could do for me, but when I met Dr. Mayberry he soon gave me all the information that enabled me to make a decision about what I really needed. I found out that dental implants are artificial tooth root replacements upon which new artificial teeth are built. These new tooth root replacements can be as strong as natural teeth, and look just as good.

The doctor, I discovered, is an uncommonly skilled general dentist. He provides every dental service you can imagine including putting patients under sedation for many kinds of treatment. I learned that unlike most dentists who only provide a part of the implant treatment, Dr. Mayberry handles all aspects of this service from start to finish. This especially appealed to me because I have had to go from one doctor’s office to another for treatment. I learned that dental implant treatment is a precise, complicated treatment. I wanted somebody who was experienced and somebody I could trust to take good care of me.

I thank Dr. Stack for sending me to Dr. Mayberry. He is the only Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry in the Washington Metro area.

Additional reasons I chose Dr. Mayberry to help me are because he has been placing and restoring dental implants for over 22 years, and he acts as an expert witness in courts where dental implants are involved. Moreover, he has more than 1000 hours of dental implant specific continuing education, and he has personally placed and restored countless dental implants of all types since 1983.

Dr. Mayberry was successful in restoring my missing teeth and relieving my significant pain using dental implants. I highly recommend him to anyone who has missing teeth that need to be replaced. The people who work with Dr. Mayberry were very helpful and they went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and confident about the treatment I was receiving.

You can take it from me; old number 70, Dr. Mayberry and his team are the best!

Helen Melpomene Brown:

Here I am, at age 84, able to chew steak, crunch apples, chop nuts, even chew gum and bite peanut brittle, and you should see me smile! I owe this joy to a full set of teeth implanted almost twenty years ago in 1992. It was a hard decision because of the cost. But I was faced (since 1945, over 45 years) with a mouth of bleeding gums and continuous heavy tartar which had eaten away at my jaw bone and would not only cause my remaining teeth to fall out but would also make wearing false teeth questionable. Dr. Mayberry kindly and patiently inspired me to trust his ability to help. First we had to rebuild the bone in my jaws. Then we had to wait for that bone to stabilize. Next we had to put in the posts that would anchor the teeth. Lastly, the most perfect set of teeth was placed over the posts. I had the teeth of a movie star that would not decay; that just needed brushing and regular cleaning. They did not have to be taken out at night, nor did they ever have to be root canalled or cause any pain. It was worth the process, every bit of the process. It’s true that after ten years we had to re-cement an upper section which had loosened on to the post-a process which took only a few minutes. Sadly, to lessen the cost, and in spite of the state of the gums and bone (my teeth were healthy with long, tong-like roots), I asked to use them wherever possible as posts. This year because the tartar kept growing and infection can still form under the gum; I’m faced with replacing the teeth posts in my lower left jaw with proper posts. This I gladly do. But if I had been able to afford only the posts in the first place, this would have not been necessary. How lucky I am that Dr. Mayberry successfully took on the challenge of a mouth full of disaster and to this day made it possible for me to enjoy eating and smiling!

Arthur Duhaime:

“I don’t even know where to begin to thank you for my new smile.· The physical change is amazing, but the mental change within me has truly changed my life.· I am constantly talking to people and I no longer have a fear of opening my mouth because of my not-so-pretty teeth.· Your staff is so professional but personal as well.· Thank you, Dr. Mayberry, for my new smile!”

Jim Godbout:

“I wish to thank you for your professional expertise in performing all the successful surgeries in my mouth, especially my implants.· The restoration of my teeth far exceeds my expectations. I can now enjoy all the foods I love again…beef jerky, corn on the cob and steak!· Thank you, Dr. Mayberry and staff.”

Edward Johnston:

This dental implant was a life changing experience.· I have undergone dental care for quite some time.· The cosmetic benefit profoundly affected many aspects of my life, socially and professionally.· Dr. Mayberry is undoubtedly on the cutting edge of dentistry.· He obviously cares for each of his patients and maintains the highest possible standards of professional care.”

Stephanie Mack-Smith:

“I am pleased to say, Dr. Mayberry possess great skills in the dental implant field. They feel so natural.· I would gladly recommend Dr. Mayberry and his staff.”