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Digital Smile Makeover in Vienna, VA

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Digital Smile Makeover

Have You Ever Thought Of Making Changes To Your Smile?

Some people are interested in making changes to their smile. Often they don’t really know what is wrong, but know that they simply don’t like the way their smile looks. In our office, we offer these patients a Free Digital Smile Makeover.

We take photos of your teeth or have you send us recent photos of yourself, and compare them to an ideal smile, and determine what is different. Then we decide what changes to make, if any and digitally recreate their smile and send it back to you with the changes.  So you can see what it looks like before you get any work done whatsoever!

We also have a book showing 20 variations of smiles, some more natural, some more feminine, some more masculine, some more youthful, etc.Together we help you choose a look that would suit you.

Our next step is to take an impression of your teeth. From this we create a model which is an exact duplicate of your existing teeth. Then we make the changes on this duplicate model. We bring you back and show you a three dimensional view of what your teeth would look like if we proceeded with this plan.

Sometimes we like it the way it is, and other times we make modifications until it looks exactly the way we want it to.

Then for treatment, we duplicate exactly what was planned and decided. This avoids the situation where we just make new teeth, hoping you will like what we made, only to find that you don’t. This is what we go over with you to help determine the areas of your smile that need attention.

For a limited time, this Digital Smile Makeover is free, please fill out this form or call us to get your Digital Smile Makeover at 703-537-5726.

To look at before and after photos of some work we have done click here.

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