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Dental Implants

When it comes to replacing lost or damaged teeth, one of the best options for patients is receiving dental implants. Unlike removable dentures, dental implants are permanently anchored into the jaw itself, providing a beautiful and durable solution to tooth loss. With over 34 years of experience, Dr. Mayberry is ready to help you!

Here are your Implant Treatment Options:

  1. All Teeth on 4 implants, Teeth in a Day:
    • Composite/Titanium Non-Removable Bridge All on 4 Implants
      • Implants supporting a non-removable titanium framework supporting composite full arch bridge.
      • Fee $ Higher
      • Fixed, non-removable provisional composite/acrylic bridge during healing period, 4-6 months.
      • Option chosen by most people, strong stable bite with no movement, easily modified/repaired, excellent esthetics.
  2. Implant Supported Removable Overdenture with Bar Support:
    • Composite/Titanium 4 Implant Overdenture Bar System.
      • Implants with connector bar system implant support system.
      • Fee $ Midlevel
      • Removable provisional teeth during healing period, 4-6 months.
      • Strongest and most stable removable option, similar strength as non-removable options, with excellent esthetics.
  3. Implant Supported Removable Overdenture with Individual Snap on Implant Stud Support:
    • Composite Overdenture Snap on 4 Stud Implant System.
      • Individual implants with snap on attachments into composite/acrylic overdenture.
      • Fee $ Lower
      • Removable provisional teeth during healing period, 4-6 month.
      • Lower cost option, can be modified and added on later, initial investment maintained, excellent esthetics.
  4. Reinforced Non-Removable Composite/Acrylic Bridge
    • 4 Implants supporting a non-removable full arch bridge, reinforced composite/acrylic bridge, similar to provisional bridge options above.
      • Fee $ Lower
      • Fixed, non-removable, long term provisional bridge, can be durable for years with care.
      • Can be converted to Composite/Titanium Bridge at later time, without losing initial investment, excellent esthetics.

Bone Grafting Fees are not included here and when required are in addition to the all-inclusive fees listed here or on customized individual treatment plans. Most patients can have dental implants without bone grafting but on occasion it is required.

Zirconia bridgework is strongest tooth option, but requires additional lab charges $3,000 per arch. Bone grafts are only recommended when no other option exists. Most people do not require this option, but large men and others Zirconia may be required if breakage becomes problematic.

Service Warranty:

Implant Treatment Fees are inclusive rather than by procedure code: Our fees include office visits, surgery, sedation, all materials required to complete your treatment, x-rays, everything except drugs and rinses. If you need to be seen for any reason there is no additional charge it is part of the regular fee. The fee provided is what is charged to complete your treatment from start to finish. If we charged by procedure code as the dental plans prefer the costs would be too much for most patients. Nevertheless, we will submit appropriate procedure codes to your dental benefit plan carrier to get all the benefit you can expect to receive. We do this as a courtesy to patients at no additional charge. If you have any experience dealing with these insurance companies you will understand how valuable this service is to you.

Implant failure warranty: Statistics show a potential implant failure rate of 5%-7% in healthy non-smokers. Dr. Mayberry will warrant his implant service for one year after implants are loaded, or for one year period, beginning 6 months after being surgically placed. If an implant fails to integrate with the supporting bone Dr. Mayberry will provide a new replacement implant for each failed implant. The only charge to the patient is for implant materials costs, $450 per implant. There is no charge for Dr. Mayberry’s surgical time or other office overhead costs. There is no warranty for smokers or anyone using tobacco products. There is no warranty for patients who have taken bisphosphonate drugs in the last 5 years.

Prosthesis Breakage Policy: Zirconia prosthetic teeth do not break, but breakage to Composite/Titanium teeth can occur when stressed beyond normal limits, chewing ice, or other abusive usage, no charge for a first repair, there after regular repair fees are due. Over stressing of the composite prosthetic teeth can usually be repaired at a nominal fee. Breakage of Reinforced Composite/Acrylic Bridge option can be expected, based on the individual strength of bite, stronger jaw muscles, big strong men as opposed to petit women have more breakage issues with the Reinforced Composite/Acrylic Bridge, but with chewing experience this can be minimized. No charge for first repair, but there after regular repair fees are due. Tooth breakage may require new teeth made of zirconia for some people.

One Year Adjustment Period: There is a 6 month, no charge policy for adjustments after the treatment has been completed. Regular 6 month follow up appointments, checkups, are recommended to prevent potential problems. Bite problems are the cause of implant failure after the initial year of uneventful usage. Bite problems can be without obvious symptoms, are usually painless, but can lead to implant failure if not identified and corrected. This is why regular checkups are so important. Cleaning of implants and implant prosthetics is recommended, but not as important as with natural teeth, because implants do not decay or react to bacterial plaque the same way as natural teeth, nevertheless odors can accumulate with plaque buildup on implants. Regular maintenance cost for your major implant investment is approximately $300 to $400 a year, a fair and manageable fee to prevent loss of your implant treatment investment.

Dr. Mayberry has more than 34 years of dental implant specific experience, comprehensive experience with surgery and prosthetics. There are many surgeon specialists that do implant surgery, but very few that offer the same types of implant services we offer at Mayberry Dental. Hybridge, and All Teeth on Implants in a Day are special services that only the most skilled implant dentists offer because of the skill and requirements necessary to provide such services. Dental Implantology is not recognized a recognized dental specialty by the American Dental Association, but it should be. This kind of treatment is the most complex dentistry done today, yet by looking on Google for an implant dentist it would appear as every dentist is well qualified to offer dental implant services. Many dentists can provide basic dental implant services by using a dental surgeon to place the implants, but this approach can be problematic without close follow up care. Close follow up care makes the difference between long term implant treatment success and failure. At Mayberry Dental we are always monitoring our implant patients at their regular cleanings to prevent potential painless implant failures. Looking for such problems and recognizing them early is something only experience provides. Our goal is to help our patients maintain their dental implant investment because we know the costs involved to repair or replace this finest of dental restorations. Dr. Mayberry was a former examiner for the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. He would examine and score dentists from around the world seeking a credential of competence from the Academy. The Academy is the best source of credential review for implant dentists in the United States and throughout the world.

Learn More About Dental Implants from American Academy of Implant Dentistry.

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